Do Right is a consulting company focused on providing individualized and customized solutions to its clients to support their targets and goals, and respecting their mission, vision, values and principles.

Our Solutions aim to raise the level of the management of environment, health and safety (EHS), optimize processes and increase productivity.


Conduct our clients to the highest standard of management in environment, health and safety (EHS) through the transformation of culture, the implementation and optimization of processes, the monitoring and continuous improvement of performance in these areas.


To be a reference on delivering services in the management of the environment, health and safety (EHS), through partnerships and solutions designed individually for the reality of customers.


Safety and Health | Environment Preservation| Integrity and Ethics | Respect and Collaboration

Our Team

Managing Partner

Claudia Gonçalves

Executive with over 20 years of solid experience in several businesses and industries, working on the implementation of world class practices in the areas of EHS, Due Diligence, M&A, cultural change processes, management processes and team development. She held several positions of top leadership and management in national and multinational companies.


Consultants and Specialists

We have a network of independent, expert consultants with extensive experience in world-class EHS management practices. The professionals are assigned to each project according to their know-how and expertise in relation to the scope of work with each client.